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Turning 16

When your child turns 16, the disability service system changes. For some things your child will be considered an adult. Around the time of your child’s 15th birthday, make an appointment with Centrelink to discuss options to manage any payment changes that will occur once your child turns 16.

When your child turns 16, you will no longer receive Carer Allowance (Child) and Centrelink will invite you to be assessed for Carer Allowance (Adult) which has its own eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria for Carer Payment also changes when your child turns 16. The application process can be quite involved so allow plenty of time.

You may need to provide copies of birth certificates, Medicare card, school reports, medical reports, bank statements, income statements, tax file numbers and set up a bank account in your child’s name. Lodge the completed forms with Centrelink before your child’s 16th birthday, as payments cannot be backdated.

Your child may be eligible for a Disability Support Pension, Pensioner Education Supplement, Education Entry Payment, Mobility Allowance or an Ex Carer Allowance (child) Health Care Card. You should consider applying for authorisation as a nominee to act on your child’s behalf with Centrelink at this time.

Phone Centrelink on 132 717

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The PWSA of Victoria Web Site is intended to provide information only - not to diagnose or advocate particular treatment options. The Diagnosis and treatment of Prader-Willi Syndrome should be made through a qualified medical professional. Thus, it is strongly urged that patients do not change treatment without first consulting their doctor. The inclusion of any resource or link in the PWSA of Victoria Web Site does not imply endorsement.