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Welcome to our Members Area.

Here you will find information about the following:-
• PWS Clinics
- Royal Children's Hospital

• Events (click on the links to view information about the individual events):

• Library resources
A list of resources available to members will soon be available here.
• Research
Our families are often asked to take part in research by various organisations. This is where you can locate information about this.By networking and sharing information, we aim to give our children the best possible opportunities for living their lives to the fullest.
- PWS Temper Outburst Study - People with PWS 16-30 and their parents/carers
- Can Oxytocin help in Prader-Willi Syndrome - People with PWS 12-30

Member Support
The PWSA Victoria prides itself on providing support to our families. Our members can receive support via the following:

• Training and Education
Should you require a representative from PWSAV to meet with your kindergarten, school or workplace setting to explain PWS and to help devise a management plan to assist the PWS person, please send your request to us: info@pws.asn

PWSA Victoria provide members with a newsletter on a quarterly basis.

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PWS News January 2014

The PWSA of Victoria Web Site is intended to provide information only - not to diagnose or advocate particular treatment options. The Diagnosis and treatment of Prader-Willi Syndrome should be made through a qualified medical professional. Thus, it is strongly urged that patients do not change treatment without first consulting their doctor. The inclusion of any resource or link in the PWSA of Victoria Web Site does not imply endorsement.