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Primary School

There are many things to consider when deciding on a school. In addition to your child’s specific needs, you may also want to think about travel time, finances, whether you want all your children to go to the same school, and before and after school care. You may choose a government, private or Catholic primary school. Alternatively you may decide that one of the many specialist schools, government, catholic and private is right for your child.

Some children enrol at both a local primary school and a nearby specialist school and spend part of the week at each. This is known as dual enrolment.

There are specific funding programs for students with a disability in school. The level of funding available varies between government, Catholic and independent schools. Ask the school what funding is available and how to apply.

In most states, students from prep to Year 6 can access distance education if they meet the eligibility criteria: Distance, Medical, School referral, and Traveller. Some students may also be eligible for Assistance for Isolated Children

Make an appointment with the principal to discuss how the school can support your child. You will get a sense of whether the school is right for your child from the welcome you receive, how staff interact with parents and children, the approach of the principal and the responses to your questions.

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• Refer to the Association for Children with a Disability (ACD). Their booklet “Positive Education Planning” will be invaluable.

• When deciding on a school, meeting the Principal should be a very big part. This will help you understand their attitude towards children with a disability, their willingness to work together and communicate with parents and their consideration to make any changes that may be necessary.

Educating the Child with Prader-Willi Syndrome:
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Behaviour Management: This is a terrific 12 page document from the PWSA (UK) - click here

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